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Holding Out: the Brightside continued?

Will the Brightside series continue? Maybe! The truth is, it's complicated...

I have two books sitting in a drawer. One of them, Out There, is a prequel to In Bloom--it's told from teenage Berkeley's perspective and is the story of how The Brightside became a band. The other book, Holding Out, is basically In Bloom from Berkeley's perspective. You can read a scene from Holding Out in the print version of In Bloom (if you don't have a print copy but still want to read the scene email me and I'll send it to you!). Neither book has been contracted for publication and both need to be edited. While I don't have current publication plans, I do hope to revisit them someday!

What about Liv? Is there more to her story?

The reason I wrote Believe from Boots' perspective was I felt like I couldn't put Liv & Berk through any more drama. But, now that I've given them a bit of a break, it's possible I could revisit them... I'm definitely not in the same mental place I was when I wrote In Bloom, but if you'd be interested in an adult Liv & Berk story let me know! xoxo

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