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Keystone is coming!

Having three babies in three years forced me to take a little break from writing, but I'm back! I'm so excited to announce my YA debut will be published by Entangled Teen! Here is the official Publishers Marketplace Announcement:

Keystone Publishers Marketplace Announcement
Publishers Marketplace Announcement

You might recognize "Keystone" as the YA novel Berkeley options/adapts and ultimately films in Blushing, and it is! The "Keystone" in Blushing (by Hailey Kattaden--an anagram for, *ahem*, Katie Delahanty) inspired the real-life novel. I'm finding I won't be able to completely adhere to story I laid out in Blushing; the real life Keystone has a mind of its own (and I think Berkeley and Mia--brother and sister in Blushing--would play love interests in real-life Keystone--oops!) but I would LOVE whoever the real-life Berkeley is to play Garrett in the real-life Keystone film or tv adaptation. I try to write things into reality, so just putting it out there! 😉

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