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Character Twitter Accounts

The characters from the Brightside Series *used* to tweet in real time! I don't have time to keep the accounts active (I can barely tweet for myself!) but if you're curious, here are links to their accounts:

Berkeley & the Brightside merch
This was an idea I had for a Berkeley & the Brightside T-shirt

Follow them here:

Olivia Bloom: @BloomOlivia

Berkeley Dalton: @BerkeleyBrtside

Mark VanCleer: @BrightsideBP

Psychic Mom: @PsychicMom1

Parker Mifflin: @IsIndulgent

Blair Hamilton: @SuperSpinstress

Christina Carlton: @Celebrightly

Lisa Greene: @TheGreeneGodess

Boots: @BootsMD

Gemma Mallory: @GemmaMallory

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